Ayurvedic PCD Franchise Company – Navayur Herbals

Ayurvedic PCD Franchise Company – Navayur Herbals

Ayurvedic PCD Pharma Franchise – The body and mind are prone to suffer from various diseases. In this world full of hustle and bustle, it has become difficult to look after health as a result of which numerous healthcare issues like back pain, knee pain, diabetes, stress, hormonal imbalance, and many others are common at an early age. Ayurveda has the best solution to rid of all these diseases. Top Ayurvedic Pharma Company ‘Navayaur Herbals’ brings non-invasive and non-toxic, free from any side effects of Ayurvedic Medicine. We are the best Ayurvedic PCD Franchise Company in India. Our goal is to prevent and promote the body’s capacity for maintenance and balance.

Navayur Herbals is among the most recommended and trusted Ayurvedic Companies in India. The company provides an exclusive range of high-quality herbal products for the Ayurvedic Pharma Franchise through our PAN India. We are targeting to reach a maximum number of people through our exclusive range of Ayurvedic Herbal products Range.

Currently, the company is providing Ayurvedic PCD Franchise opportunities to professionals who are willing to work with a trusted name in the industry. Those who want to deal with Herbal Ayurvedic products for the franchise business will get the district-wise monopoly and distribution rights. Over the years, with constancy, accuracy, and precision the company has won the trust of healthcare professionals and customers through its range of high-quality Herbal medicine range. Today, Navayur Herbal is the top name when it comes to PCD Pharma Franchise for Ayurvedic Product Range.

In the wider market of Harbel products, the company has created a sustainable and significant place for itself. Navayur Herbals has come up with herbal Ayurvedic products such as Juices, powder, Ayurvedic syrups, tablets, capsules, and ointment, etc.  Come and be the partner of top Ayurvedic pharma Franchise Company Navayur Herbals’ and begin your career with a pioneer in Herbal and Ayurvedic Medicine.

Get Ayurvedic PCD Pharma Franchise Opportunity

ISO Certified Pharma Company + WHO & GMP  Certified Products+ 300  Ayurvedic Herbal Products + Monopoly Rights+ Free Marketing Promotional Tools+ No Huge Sale Target

Call us now for Franchise Query – +91-9872219010 or email at navayurherbals@gmail.com

Ayurvedic Herbal Products

100% Ayurvedic and Herbal range of products at Navayur Herbal is the best Ayurvedic PCD Franchise business in India.  We are committed to health and well-being. We stay true to the tradition and follow the ancient process of ayurvedic herb mixture and process. Using handpicked ingredients from all across the country makes Ayurvedic products the best in terms of quality, purity, and safety.

Explore our diverse range of ayurvedic products for Ayurvedic PCD Franchise business:






Immunity & Health Supplements

Ayurvedic/ Herbal Product Portfolio for Franchise

77% of Indian households use Ayurvedic products in their day-to-day life. With the advancement in technology and, sciences Herbal medicine has evolved. They are used for the treatment of various healthcare issues some of the most common are Diabetes and high blood pressure, Minimizes Inflammation, Helps Cure Insomnia, Cleansing the body, Weight Loss Or Maintenance, Skin issues, and several others.

The Company has herbal and Ayurvedic products for the PCD Pharma Franchise which has been developed with the perfect amalgamation of using 5000 years old science and the latest technology. Have a look at our product Portfolio for the Herbal PCD Franchise opportunity:

  1. Platelet booster
  2. Anti – Diarrheal
  3. Food supplement
  4. Dental Health Ayurvedic Range
  5. Hormone Balancer
  6. Juices, Ras, and Kadas
  7. Ayurvedic Product for Acidity and Gas
  8. Blood purifier
  9. Ayurvedic Skincare Range
  10. Asthma, Cough, and Cold Ayurvedic Medicine
  11. Analgesic
  12. Arthritis
  13. Anti-inflammatory
  14. Uric Acid Medicine
  15. Memory Anabolic
  16. Helminthiasis
  17. Worm Treatment and several other products

All the products are manufactured keeping in mind the standards. Good research goes into every product segment because we want to serve our patients with the best range of medicine no matter what. Navayur Herbals has a well-strategized and managed distribution network throughout India and due to this, we are providing the best Ayurvedic franchise opportunity.

What Do We Offer to Ayurvedic PCD Franchise Associates?

Navayur Herbals is a top-tier Ayurvedic PCD Franchise in India that provides the best deals on Ayurvedic products with the best packaging. It holds its expertise in offering a resourceful product list packed with with elemental benefits of safe products, state-of-the-art manufacturing, on-time delivery, and most importantly an attractive customer bases

In our Ayurvedic PCD Franchise business deals you will be introduced to commendable opportunities of uplifting your business reach in the market. Below we have mentioned some advantages of collaboration with us.

  • Ayurvedic Monopoly Rights: With market research and by understanding the market scenario, Navayur Herbals provides PCD Franchise partners with unique monopoly rights in their region which are designed to minimize the competition.
  • Exclusive and Huge Product Range: At Navayur Herbals, you will always get something new when it comes to the products. The Company delivers an exclusive range of medicines that are in demand. New products will be added regularly to the Herbal and Ayurvedic product portfolio.
  • Promotional Support: There is no requirement to spend on the advertisement, the company provides free-of-cost promotional support to all its associates. Sample, Visual Aids, LBL, Reminder cards, Visiting cards, Order books, MR bags, ASM bags, Pads, Gift articles, and many other such things for market penetration are available in the promotional kit at Navayur Herbals.

Association Advantages with Navayur Herbal’s Ayurvedic PCD Franchise

Working with Navayur Herbal is quite simple and it is easy to understand of sales structure. The Company has a good turnover and many new associates are joining the company. It won’t be wrong to say, seeing the annual growth report that Ayurvedic PCD Franchise is a success at Navayur Herbals. The Company has more than 200 Herbal and Ayurvedic medicines and other products which are supplied all across the nation.

Our Vacant locations of Ayurvedic Pharma Franchise are filling in fast due to our brand value and the benefits that we provide to our PCD Pharma associates. Some of the benefits offered by Navayur Herbals for PCD Pharma Franchise  are given below:

  • The packaging process is adequate to provide a long shelf life for the products.
  • Time is everything at Navayur Herbals. Thus, we deliver all the products on time through our widespread transportation network.
  • The Quality standards are high at Navayur Herbal thus; associates will only get the quality medicine that passes the quality test.
  • The Company is ISO, WHO, and GMP certified and works according to the norms and regulations set by the Company.
  • Manufacturing takes place in the Excise duty-free zone.
  • Associates will get incentives for meeting the annual target.
  • Our associates will also get the monthly promotional scheme, gifts for doctors, and other benefits to help our partner increase sales.
  • Since change is the only constant, therefore, we keep changing our product portfolio by adding new products to it and keeping up with the changes by providing market demands.

Targeted Location for Ayurvedic Herbal PCD Franchise Business in India

We have a collection of 150+ Ayurveda herbal products with the best quality. Now we have planned to increase the reach and visibility of our Ayurvedic products at the PAN India level. So now we are offering pan India level pharma franchise business opportunities. Here you can find a list of our vacant locations for the ayurvedic franchise business.

  1. Kerala
  2. Maharashtra
  3. Tamil Nadu
  4. Uttar Pradesh
  5. Punjab
  6. Karnataka
  7. Rajasthan
  8. Gujarat
  9. Jammu and Kashmir
  10. Andhra Pradesh
  11. Odisha
  12. Assam
  13. Bihar
  14. Himachal Pradesh
  15. Sikkim
  16. Manipur
  17. Mizoram
  18. Nagaland
  19. Arunachal Pradesh
  20. Chhattisgarh

Quality Policy at Navayur Herbals

It is our policy to deliver only those products which have gone through the quality check. At Navayur Herbals, the best quality raw material is used for the manufacturing of the products. All the process takes place under the observation of the quality assurance team. The Company uses the best technology to segregate the products with faults. Quality is kept in mind right from the very initial stage so that our clients get the best ayurvedic PCD pharma franchise services.

  1. Quality products: Through good research, we ensure quality products with the prime goal of providing effective results. We value our customers and thus; work hard towards quality products.
  2. Quality processes and production: ‘Change is only constant’ keeping this in mind we keep on opting for new methods and trying to improve our quality standards. New quality equipment is used for more consistency in the result.
  3. Research and Innovation: These are the things that are essential for a successful ayurvedic PCD pharma franchise business. We have a team of highly professional experts with years of experience who are involved in research and come up with new and innovative products.

What are the Requirements to Own an Ayurvedic PCD Franchise?

The Ayurvedic industry is growing rapidly and so is the Ayurvedic PCD franchise business. Numerous market players are willing to invest in the Ayurvedic pharma franchise segment to have great business exposure. But to own the Ayurvedic franchise you must have to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Qualification – The minimum qualification required to own an Ayurvedic franchise is the 12th standard passed by a recognized board or university.
  • Experience – To invest in the reputed Ayurvedic PCD franchise company you must have a minimum experience of 3 to 4 years in the marketing field.
  • GST Number – To collaborate with Navayur Herbals you just have to submit your GST number. We do not demand any other certificate or drug license.

Terms and Conditions to Take Franchise

To begin with the Ayurvedic PCD Franchise business, associates need to be clear with terms and conditions for doing business. These are important to smooth business relations between companies and business partners. Here you go: Rates

  1. The company is in charge of changing product price (MRP)/net rates/ Packing etc without any prior notice.
  2. The client should confirm the price/packaging etc before placing the order or confirming the deal.


  1. Order in written form will only be accepted. Make sure you write the order in the form of email/SMS/courier.
  2. The client must have the email ID to get a proforma invoice from the Company.
  3. The Proforma Invoice will have the details about the order, products, price, time, etc. Once you confirm it then the company will raise the invoice.
  4. The advance draft will be accepted to purchase the goods from our company.
  5. At least 12 days is required to execute the orders as soon as receiving the Demand Draft.

Payment Procedure

  1. The client needs to deposit the amount mentioned in the performance invoice in the account only then the product will be dispatched.
  2. The client will bear the freight charges.

Sales Condition at Navayur Herbal

  1. The Company does not have a return policy for any product. The Product will only be accepted in a quality complaint case.
  2. ‘Broken and Expiry products’ are not the responsibility of the Company.

FAQs On Ayurvedic PCD Franchise

Here are some  Frequently Asked Questions about Navayur Herbals.  Hope this will resolve your doubts and answer your questions. If you have any more questions or doubts feel free to connect with us.

Q. Are there any promotional tools provided by the company?

A. Yes, the company offers free-of-cost promotional tools like  Visual Aids, Sample Catch Covers, Product Glossary, and Cards, Reminder Cards and Leaf Behind Cards, Writing Pads, Diaries, Calendars, Banners, Danglers, Posters, etc.

Q. How long would it take me to officially run my Ayurvedic PCD Franchise Business?

A. If you have a license and you are done with administration work it may take 60-80 days. (This varies from location to location)

Q. Will, I have to face the competition with other Franchise parties of Navayur Herbals?

A. No, you will get the monopoly rights for your location and you can have a promising ayurvedic PCD franchise venture.

Q. How much money do I need to start an Ayurvedic PCD Franchise Business?

A. Generally, the franchisee needs to invest 30, 000 – 50, 000 INR initially. This could vary from company to company. To get more information regarding a particular company you need to fill out the query form.

Q. How much can I earn from Ayurvedic Products Franchise Business?

A. Your earnings or Return on Investment completely depend upon your performance and business goals. However, you will get the Franchise Disclosure Document which will have the information about opportunities available to you.

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