Navayur Ayurveda Pharma Company is dedicated to providing highly effective and safe dermatology products. Our expert team of dermatologists and pharmacists is committed to upholding international standards, promoting health, and contributing to wellness in various countries. Navayur boasts an extensive product portfolio, including tablets, capsules, liquids, injectables, and over-the-counter products, all of which are exported to multiple countries.
We possess in-depth knowledge of Indian rules and regulations, ensuring the safety, efficacy, and quality of our derma products exported globally. Our robust cold chain management system is tailored to India’s diverse climate, backed by substantial investments in advanced facilities with precise temperature controls. This enables us to adhere to strict protocols for handling and transporting temperature-sensitive pharma products.
Over the years, Navayur Ayurveda Pharma Company has built a vast network of distribution partners across India, optimizing delivery routes, minimizing travel time, and maintaining proper storage conditions. We strictly adhere to India-specific packaging and labeling requirements, ensuring that our exported medicines comply with the regulations set by the CDSCO. As a certified entity, Navayur Ayurveda Pharma Company possesses all the necessary documents required for the export of dermatology products, providing confidence in the quality and authenticity of our offerings.

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