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Welcome to Navayur Herbals

At Navayur Herbals, we believe in the ability and strength of natural ingredients to heal, cure, and prevent issues related to human well-being. Navayur Herbals is spreading the purpose of Ayurveda which is to protect the health of the healthy and to alleviate disorders of the diseased. Every other day people are peddling into herbal health care in such a scenario, who do you trust your health with? Navayur Herbal is your answer. We are the best Ayurvedic Medicine Manufacturer in India. We have the unique credibility of being the most trusted and pioneering in delivering high-quality, effective, and affordable Ayurvedic solutions throughout the nation. 

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Ayurvedic Product Category



Herbal capsules are dietary supplements that contain powdered or concentrated...



It is one of the world's oldest holistic healing systems & is still practiced widely in India

Herbal Oil

Herbal oils are oils that are infused with various herbs, plants, or botanicals...


Churan is a term used in Indian cuisine to refer to a type of traditional digestive...



Herbal syrups are liquid preparations made by extracting the beneficial...



Herbal juices are beverages made by extracting the juices from various herbs...

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Mission, Vision and Quality Policy

Our MIssion

Our Mission

Our Company is on the mission to bring balance to your body and life through powerful herbal formulations and ancient lifestyle tips. When we balance and maintain our body in its natural state, the symptom is of good health.

Our Vision

We, Navayur Herbals contribute ourselves with the vision of helping you to achieve a balance that naturally leads to good and resilient health. Our knowledge is based on the oldest comprehensive wellness system in the world.

Quality Policy

Quality Policy

We only use ingredients and herbal products that meet our stringent safety standards. We follow Ayurveda 's traditional methods using the highest quality control standards and manufacturing policies.

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what are clients say about us

As an active person, joint discomfort was hindering my mobility. Since I started taking Navayur's Ayurvedic joint support supplements, I've experienced a noticeable reduction in stiffness. Now, I can enjoy my favorite activities pain-free.

Rajkumar Sharma

Being rooted in Ayurveda, these skincare products not only make my skin glow but also connect me to my heritage. The blend of herbs and oils feels like a rejuvenating ritual every day. My skin has never felt more balanced, and the compliments keep pouring in!

Madhu kumari

Being a mom of two toddlers, I needed something quick and healthy to boost my energy. Navayur's Ayurvedic juices have been a game-changer for me. I feel more vibrant, and the immune-boosting properties have kept my family healthier too. It's a win-win!

Preksha Gulati

Ayurvedic skincare has become an essential part of my daily routine. The herbal ingredients have worked wonders on my acne-prone skin. The best part? No harsh chemicals! My skin feels clear, and I'm finally confident without layers of makeup. Highly recommend

Sudeep Chatterjee

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