Ayurveda is a holistic medicine system offering powerful remedies for several therapeutic segments. Ayurvedic treatments have been used for centuries to treat gynecological disorders. Unlike modern medicine, Ayurvedic therapies work on the root cause of illnesses and offer a holistic solution. Ayurvedic medicines cleanse and restore the hormonal and metabolic balance in the body to treat Irregular cycles or painful monthly cramps, menstrual disorders, and urinary incontinence. Navayur Herbals is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Ayurvedic Gynecological Range in India. 

Gynecological disorders are studied in Ayurveda as Yonivyapad and work to balance the Vata, Pitta, and Kapha energies of the body. The Ayurvedic Gynecological Range by Navayur addresses issues for balancing female hormones, managing stress and anxiety, regulating lifestyle, and administering powerful herbs.

Harmonize Female Health With the Goodness of Ayurveda

Ayurveda works with a principle to balance the three fundamental energies or doshas: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. Gynecological disorders often originate due to the imbalance of these doshas that can be harmonized using powerful herbal and natural ingredients. Navayur Herbals delivers a diverse Ayurvedic Gynecology Range in different dosage forms of tablets, capsules, syrups, malts, juices, and powders. The products are infused with the goodness of several herbal ingredients to improve overall health by treating the root cause of hormonal imbalances, and addressing digestion and metabolism can indirectly provide relief from these issues.

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Use of Powerful Herbal Ingredients for Ayurvedic Gynecology Range

At Navayur Herbals we use the goodness of herbal ingredients to prepare effective, safe, and natural Ayurvedic Gynecology Range. These ingredients are picked from the best farmlands and treated in a clean, hygienic, and controlled manufacturing setup to deliver a wide collection of Ayurvedic products. All the herbal ingredients have been used since ancient times to provide relief from several female reproductive issues. The key ingredients used in our Ayurvedic formulations are listed below: 

Chamomile: A highly powerful muscle-relaxant used for its pain-relieving properties during premenstrual syndrome. The medicine is also useful to soothe nerves and calm muscle spasms during menstrual cramps. 

Ashwagandha: Also, called the Indian ginseng Ashwagandha is widely used to maintain hormonal balance and promote the overall well-being of the female reproductive organs. The herbal ingredient can also treat the uterus for those who have recurrent miscarriages. 

Licorice: The licorice root is full of anti-androgen properties that can help balance estrogen and promote regulated ovulation. It is used to prepare several Ayurvedic medicines for gynecological disorders. 

Moringa: The herb is a rich source of vitamin B6 and zinc, highly beneficial for the proper well-being of female reproductive organs. The herbs are also used to promote healthy hormone balance and reduce inflammation-related menstrual cramps.

Garlic: Often, used to enhance the flavors of curries and dishes, Garlic is an excellent source of isoflavonoids, used to boost female sex hormones and prevent bone deterioration caused by estrogen imbalance.

Prevalent Gynaecological Disorders

Hormone changes or imbalances can be triggered due to poor eating habits, overdosage of medicines, and several other factors. These factors can cause serious changes in the metabolism of women. Our Ayurvedic Gynecology Range is formulated for a diverse range of gynecological disorders. Let’s discuss severla gynecological dosrders in detail in the list below: 

Anartav (Amenorrhoea): It is medical disorder where women in their menstrual period stop getting their regular monthly cycles. This can be triggered by several nutritional deficiencies and hormonal dysfunction. It is further classified into primary amenorrhea and secondary amenorrhea depending on the repitition of cycles. 

Asrugdar (Menorrhagia): Our Ayurvedic gynecological range is also consist of medicines to treat Asrugdar (Menorrhagia) in which the menstrual periods last for more than 7 days. It is also associated with heavy bleeding that interfere with the daily life activities. 

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS): A hormonal disorder that results in cyst formation in the ovaries. The health condition can cause irregular menstrual periods, elevated androgen levels, and the appearance of tiny fluid-filled cysts on the ovaries.

Rajah Kruchrata (Dysmenorrhea): Extremely painful menstrual cramps are called Dysmenorrhea. The condition happens just before or after the menstruation affecting the women usually during their reproductive years.

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