Hadjod (Cissum Quandrangulis 750mg) & Withara Somnifera (Ashwagandha) 100mg

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Hadjod & Ashwagandha are the combinations used in the Ayurvedic Tablets for Joint Pain manufactured by  Navayur Herbals. Ayurveda is known as the best solution provider for all the problems one is facing. With the usage of natural ingredients, it produces the best results without any side effects. The ayurvedic approach for the treatment of chronic joint pains such as keen and elbow is very vast and tremendous, if the pains are matured, these then cause inflammation which may also result in degenerative conditions. The natural herbs which are used in making ayurvedic medicine tend to provide relief but only with regular usage as the reason for the occurrence of joint pain are the decreasing levels of calcium contents in the body which result in inflammation of tissues. 

These Ayurvedic Medicines for Joint pain are composed only to provide intense relief to the patient with the long-term problem. If the problem is cured in the beginning, it will not result in chronic inflammation of the tissues. There are several types of joint pains such as 

  • Shoulder Joint pain
  • Elbow joint pain
  • Wrist Joint pain
  • Hip Joint pain
  • Knee Joint pain

All these joint pains, if not treated in the beginning, will produce long-term effects that may cause severe problems that can also result in surgery in some cases.

Although it is an ayurvedic drug, it doesn’t mean that one can take the medicine without the consultation of a doctor. It is important to take the tablets on the concern and consultation of the doctor only as the dose required will be suggested by the clinician only. One has to take some precautions too which involves a clean diet with less consumption of junk food.

Joint pain can be caused due to several reasons such as poor diet, excessive weight gain, injuries due to accidents, and many more. But all this can be cured with the help of natural ingredients that are being used in these Ayurvedic Tablets for Joint pain.

Compositional Benefits of  Ayurvedic Tablets for Joint pain

The active ingredients used in the tablets are Hadjod and Ashwagandha which are proven to be the most beneficial in the treatment of joint pains.


It is also known as the Cissus is proven to be the best herb that helps in the treatment of joints. It promotes the strength of the bones which further makes the work of joints smooth. The herb is packed with the content of calcium, magnesium, and other antioxidants that promote the good health of the joints. It also works by regeneration and proliferation of bone thereby promoting bone cell growth. 


The sturdy has shown, with the appropriate usage of Ashwagandha one can get rid of osteoarthritis. Not just this, it is also helpful in decreasing joint swelling, and excessive pain, and also promotes the slow degradation of joints. 

Medicinal Benefits of Ayurvedic Tablets for Joint pain

Ayurvedic medicine serves numerous benefits if taken with all precautions. 

  • Treats inflammation of the joints.
  • Cure osteoarthritis.
  • Decreases the excessive pain.
  • Provides the lost nutrients to the bones.
  • Promotes good cell growth in the bones.
  • Maintains the level of magnesium.
  • Increases the level of calcium.
  • Reduces the swelling of hands.
  • Slow the process of degradation of joints.

Precautions for  Ayurvedic Tablets for Joint pain

As it is an ayurvedic medicine, it is mandatory to follow the necessary precautions which are advisable to follow for better results.

  • Try to consume healthy home-cooked food.
  • Do not consume alcohol.
  • Take the medication on time.
  • Do not miss any dose.
  • Take the appropriate amount of rest that the body demands.
  • Do not walk too much if you have knee pain.

Dose Requirements of Ayurvedic Tablets for Joint pain

The dose requirement of the medication will depend on the suggestion of the doctor only., do not consume the tablets on your own.

Side Effects of Ayurvedic Tablets for Joint pain

As the medication belongs to the group of Ayurvedic Drugs, it does not produce any side effects, but the results will be slow.l


Keep the tablets stored in a cool and dry place only with no contact with sunlight.

Note–   Ayurvedic Tablets for Joint pain is for external use only.

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