Trupilax Ointment

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Trupilax Ointment

Each 5g ointment contains :-
Circuma Longa, Chinaberry, Aloevera, Licorice

Trupilax Ointment is a Herbal Ointment for Pile Management and hemorrhoids. Pile is a painful condition in which the blood vessels are enlarged and covered around the anus. You can experience unbearable pain and sometimes surgeries are required. Blood Vessels around the anus are common and important. But sometimes due to the poor health and weakening of the anus, you can experience Hemorrhoids. 

The  Herbal Ointment for Pile Management is formulated using Curcuma Longa, Chinaberry, Aloe vera, and Licorice. These ingredients reduce inflammation, ease pain, and speed up the healing process. The reason for piles is many such constipation. Yes, if you experience constipation the stool is hard to release which results in bleeding and rashes. The ointment soothes the skin and prevents further issues of anal fissures. This cream manages hemorrhoids with its antiseptic properties.

Regular use of  Herbal Ointment for Pile Management should be directed by the healthcare expert. You need to take the approvable form from the doctor before using it. This is just a skin cream that will provide the results when accompanied with precaution. You need to take care of your diet and consume less spicy food. It is important to focus on the regular application of the ointment and at least apply it three to four times a day. This will reduce the chance of further piles. Some users of the  Herbal Ointment for Pile Management have experienced inflammation, irritation, and itching sensations with the frequent use of the cream. The patient is not recommended in the case of any serious skin allergies. Try to possibly maintain your hygiene to keep the bacteria away. 

Uses of Herbal Ointment for Pile Management

Let us clear your doubts over the working mechanism of the pile-free ointment and its uses. The benefits of the Herbal Ointment for Pile Management are mentioned below.

  • Helps in inflammation and pain 
  • Helps control bleeding
  • Exhibits potent antiseptic properties
  • Posses soothing
  • healing properties
  • Management of hemorrhoids

How to Apply Herbal Ointment for Pile Management

Application is the key to treating infections such as Piles. Here is a guide that can help.

  • Clean the infected area with water.
  • Apply a generous amount of Herbal Ointment for Pile Management. Ask for the quantity from the doctor.
  • Spread it over and let the skin absorb the product completely.
  • Do not use it as normal skin sometimes and apply it over other parts of the body. 

Precaution with Herbal Ointment for Pile Management

  • Following the precautions with the use of this Pile-Free Ayurveice ointment is very important. Use it properly with the guidance of a doctor.
  • Manage your diet and consume less spicy food.
  • If you experience trouble in digestion and feel constipated, please contact the doctor as any irregularity may lead to the spread of piles.
  • This is not for the kid’s use.

Side Effects of Herbal Ointment for Pile Management

The common after-effects with the use are:

  • Inflammation
  • Swellings
  • Redness
  • Irritation
  • Itching sensation
  • Dryness

Note- The Herbal Ointment for Pile Management is only for external use.

Storage- Keep Herbal Ointment for Pile Management in a cool and dry place.


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