Merry Glow Body Lotion

Merry Glow Body Lotion

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Merry Glow Body Lotion – Navayur Herbal’s Merry Glow Body Lotion is an ayurvedic product that is entirely made using natural ingredients such as neem, Kesar, aloe vera, and tulsi. The medicinal properties of all these ayurvedic ingredients make this lotion unique from all that are available in the market.
Ayurveda is full of remedial properties that are proven to be best for the purpose of human health. The more natural a product is, the more nourishing it is for the skin. The word Ayurveda itself has a deep meaning in understanding the science of life. It not only makes you healthy but also provides the nutrients that are being lost over a period of time.

Mechanism of the Ingredients Used

The Goodness of Kesar
Kesar is a flower that is only found in Kashmir in India. The ingredient might be expensive but gives an extremely beneficial outcome. Kesar helps in the maintenance of skin complexion by decreasing dark spots. It is a natural cleanser that cleans the dirt present in the skin.

The purity of neem

Neem does not need any introduction as it is filled with all the medicinal properties that are required for the person to maintain healthy skin.
The neem plant comprises essential elements such as flavonoids and polyphenols, which are rich in antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties.

Moisturisation of Aloe Vera

Aloe vera has the properties to moisturize the skin naturally while healing the cracks and reducing dryness. It helps in reducing acne and sunburn while treating eczema. Its anti-inflammatory properties reduce soreness too.

Healing from Tulsi

We all know the healing powers of tulsi which protect us from plenty of skin ancient times, Tulsi was that natural ayurvedic substance that was used in the treatment of acne, and reduction of skin inflammation.

Medicinal benefits of Navayur Herbal’s Merry Glow Body Lotion

The way Ayurveda has never disappointed us with its active healing properties, similarly Navayur Herbal’s Merry Glow Body Lotion is also made with the epitome of nature.
● Merry Glow Body Lotion serves various extraordinary benefits to our skin, especially with the ingredients used in it.
● It is free from all chemicals and is paraben free.
● Merry Glow Body Lotion is entirely made with the use of natural ingredients that makes our skin healthy
● It controls dryness by retaining moisturization.
● Tulsi, Aloe Vera, Neem, and many such natural components present in Merry Glow Body Lotion do not make your skin greasy.
● The lotion is filled with natural fragrance components that make your skin feel fresh and smell good.

Directions to use

Merry Glow Body Lotion is very simple to apply on the skin. But there are a few basic steps that one should remember while in the application.
● Skin has to be cleaned.
● Massaging properly onto your skin with gentle hands is the key.
● Gives best results when applied after the bath.
● To get the desired soft skin, one must use this lotion at least twice a day.

Storage Guidelines

Merry Glow Body Lotion must be stored in a cool and dry place with no sunlight. Direct exposure to lotion with the sun might destroy the healing and anti-inflammatory properties.

Side effects of Merry Glow Body Lotion

As mentioned above, Merry Glow Body Lotion is entirely made with ayurvedic products and is paraben free. The lotion is hypoallergenic and safe for all types of skin whether it is dry or sensitive, everyone can use this lotion.
But if there is still a minor skin rash or you notice not-so-regular skin irritation, we would recommend you get the dermatological test done and take the necessary precautions as suggested by the clinician.

Frequently Asked Questions for Merry Glow Body Lotion

1. Merry Glow Body Lotion can be used by children too?
Navayur’s Merry Glow Body Lotion is made with the safe ingredients of nature and can be used by both children and adults.

2. Is Merry Glow Body Lotion gives sweaty skin?
No, Merry Glow Body Lotion does not give the sweaty effect as it is entirely a nongreasy product.


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