Ayurvedic PCD Company in Salem

Ayurvedic PCD Company in Salem

Ayurvedic PCD Company in Salem – Are you planning to start your own business in the pharma sector? Are you looking for a reliable Ayurvedic franchise company? If yes, you must consider collaborating with Navayur Herbals, the leading Ayurvedic PCD Company in Salem. Our company welcomes all the interested people to collaborate with us and establish a successful business at reasonable investments.

We have a vast range of products that are formulated by the leading pharmacists in the industry. Our products are available in various dosage formulations like tablets, capsules, oils, churna, syrups, drops, juices, etc. We offer several benefits to our associating partners such as monopoly rights, better return on investments, timely delivery, quality assurance, etc. Collaborate with the best Ayurvedic PCD Company in Salem.

Ayurvedic PCD Company in Salem

If you are interested in the collaboration, you may contact us at +91-9872219010 navayurherbals@gmail.com

Why invest in the Ayurvedic range of products?

The usage of herbal products in Salem has tremendously increased. Over more than 80% of people have been noticed to be investing this range and establishing a successful business at reasonable plans. The Ayurvedic drug market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 25% by the end of 2025. Numerous pharma companies are working on formulating new and more effective herbal products which are manufactured after years of hard work and dedication.

Here are some reasons why one must consider investing in the Ayurvedic range of products:

  • The business can be established at low investment plans.
  • Because the products are high in demand and the demand seems to increase shortly, the risk of losses in the business is very less.
  • You get a chance to be your own boss and work as per your wish and capability.
  • As per the market demand of the products, our company offers a great profit margin and helps you in earning better.

The extensive range of herbal products offered by Navayur Herbals

Our company gives prime preference to the quality of the products. Considering its usage, we make sure to utilize 100% safe and effective raw extracts which help in keeping the purity and reliability of formulation completely intact.

Our production units and the storage warehouses are highly clean and are equipped with the latest machinery which helps in safe production. We have the required verifications from DCGI, ISO, WHO and GMP and our product range covers medications like:

  • Platelet booster
  • Anti – Diarrheal
  • Dental Health Ayurvedic Range
  • Hormone Balancer
  • Juices, Ras, and Kadas
  • Blood purifier
  • Ayurvedic Skincare Range
  • Anti-Histamine
  • Analgesic
  • Arthritis
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Uric Acid Medicine
  • Memory Anabolic
  • Helminthiasis, etc.

Prominent Ayurvedic Franchise Company – Navayur Herbals

Navayur Herbals is an ISO verified pharma company that solely deals in the herbal product range. We have our production units located in the excise duty-free areas which help in reducing the cost of production. Our company has connections with the best logistic partners who ensure the timely and safe delivery of the stock.

The research and development department of the company is engaged in the production of new and innovative formulations which helps in providing quick relief from various health conditions. Our company has its associating partners in various regions of the nation and we welcome people from Salem to collaborate with us and establish a successful business near their areas.

Our company offers several benefits to all the associating partners, some of which are mentioned below:

  • We offer our partners exclusive monopoly rights.
  • Our products are of top-most quality and are launched in the market after being verified by WHO and GMP.
  • We opt for the best packaging techniques which help in keeping the products safe from outer atmosphere and spillage.
  • We provide our partners with cost-free promotional benefits which helps them in enhancing their market presence.
  • The constant support that we offer enables our clients to run their business with great efficiency as they can contact us anytime they need our assistance.
  • We ensure the timely and safe delivery of the stock.
  • Our company offers huge profit margins so the franchisee owner can earn a better income and have a great business.

Promotional support at Navayur Herbals

At our company, you can get access to free promotional support that we offer to all our associating partners. The tools and assets can help you in creating a huge market presence and build strong goodwill. Some of the marketing tools that we offer include:

  • Writing Pads
  • Covers of catch
  • Visiting cards
  • Small gift articles
  • Reminder cards
  • Visual Aid
  • Working bags
  • Diaries
  • Product cards
  • Brochures, etc.

To know more, contact us!

Contact Information

Name: Navayur Herbals

Address: SCF 246, Motor Market Manimajra, Chandigarh

Phone No: +91 9875921201

Email Id: navayurherbals@gmail.com

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