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Surgifit ME

Moringa Extract 500mg Capsules


Moringa herbal capsules are an ayurvedic medicine that belongs to the class of dietary nutritional supplements. This is very useful for patients because it provides relaxation from many health issues like asthma, lung infections, diabetes, blood sugar, stomach pain, diarrhea, constipation, and seizures. Additionally, this herbal medicine treats skin-related problems like dandruff, skin allergies, pimple, rashes, and gum disease. These herbal capsules are manufactured under the guidance of ayurvedic seers, and this drug is safe to use. This drug has antioxidant properties that reduce the symptoms of health issues.

Moringa herbal capsules contain moringa herbs, it is a plant that is usually named the drumstick tree, the Ben oil tree, the Horseradish tree, and the Miracle tree. Ancient people used these herbs for treating their health problems. This Ayurveda ingredient has medical properties that are beneficial for the health of a person. Its natural healing properties include antiviral, antifungal, antidepressant, and anti-inflammatory. It can be grown cheaply and easily. Some people use it in powder form normally at home and often add this powder to smoothies, nutrition bars, and energy drinks as tea. This natural herb contains protein, vitamins, and minerals.

Patients should avoid the use of Moringa herbal capsules with modern medicine. There is no suggested recommended dose with the use of this herbal medicine. This a dietary supplement. These are not for use in children. The user should take consultancy of his healthcare before using any kind of dietary supplement.  These dietary supplements help you to get enough amounts of effective and essential nutrients.

Product Specification

Brand name: Morvista Moringa

Manufacturer: Navayur Herbals

Composition: Moringa herb

Country of origin: India

Packaging Type: Bottle

Packaging size: Contain 60 capsule

Prescription or non-Prescription: prescription

Usage: Medically

Form of Medicine: capsules

Category of the drug: Ayurvedic/ Herbal personal care products

Type of medicine: Dietary Nutritional Supplements

Storage Of Moringa Herbal Capsules

This is an herbal medicine, and doctors always prescribed to their patients to keep this medicine in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight and the reach of pets. Do not keep it in the refrigerator.

 Directions For Use Of Moringa Herbal Capsules

This medicine is easy to consume, and because of dietary nutritional supplements, patients may use this with food. First, they should wash their hands and swallow the prescribed dose of capsules with a whole glass of water. The user should repeat the process for the next dose. For fast and better results the user should not skip the advised doses.

Side Effects Of The Use Of Moringa Capsules

Like other medicines, this medicine does not have any side effects with use, because this is made up of natural herbal ingredients. But in some cases, people with hypersensitivity may feel some common side effects, and to avoid these side effects they should contact professional healthcare.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions: Can I use Moringa capsules to treat eye health?

Answer:  yes, Moringa consists of eyesight-improving properties with its high antioxidant levels.

Question: do Moringa herbal capsules has bad effects on the skin?

Answer: No, these herbal capsules do not badly affect the skin, it is useful for various skin problems like pimples, skin rashes, dandruff, dry lips, and many other skin problems.

Questions: What dosage of Moringa herbal capsules is suitable for an adult?

Answer: well, it is a prescription medicine and a doctor’s consultancy is a must for use of this medicine. And your doctor recommends this to you after monitoring your health condition.

Questions: Can I use Moringa herbal capsules to treat headaches?

Answer: No, this is not a painkiller so you cannot use it to avoid headache symptoms.   This is a dietary nutritional supplement used to fulfill the nutrients need of your body.



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