How to get a manufacturing license for Ayurvedic medicine?

How to get a manufacturing license for Ayurvedic medicine?

How to get a manufacturing license for Ayurvedic medicine? – Are you looking for some reliable information on getting a manufacturing license for Ayurvedic medicines? If yes then you are in the right place because in this blog by Navayur Herbals, we will provide you some information regarding How to get a manufacturing license for Ayurvedic medicine. Our firm has done its research and comes up with very useful and reliable information for you folks. So without any further delay, let’s get started. As we all know that nowadays Ayurvedic medicines are in demand and people rely on Ayurvedic medicines to cure their issues or illnesses. People nowadays prefer Ayurvedic medicines over other medicines and are using these medicines in their day-to-day life. The scope of working with Ayurvedic products is excellent as there is a regular and high demand for Ayurvedic products in India.How to get a manufacturing license for Ayurvedic medicine?

After seeing such a good scope, many people are looking to establish your business in this industry and looking to work with Ayurvedic products. But the problem is that they don’t know How to get a manufacturing license for Ayurvedic medicines. Many times even experiences people find it difficult to get a manufacturing license. Therefore, to make things easy and convenient for you, we have done our research and come up with some very important and authentic information by which one can get a manufacturing license for Ayurvedic medicines.

To get a manufacturing license for Ayurvedic products in a country like India, one needs to acquire a license from AYUSH, not from FSSAI. The AYUSH Ministry is situated at INA and the Department of AYUSH of Delhi is situated in Tibbia College, Karol Bagh. Moreover, only can get three types of manufacturing licenses from AYUSH such as:

  • Loan License
  • Complete Manufacturing License
  • Product to product manufacturing/ Contract Manufacturing/ White label manufacturing/ Third party manufacturing.

Above mentioned are the types of manufacturing license that one can acquire from AYUSH if you are planning to work in India. Hold on, this is not the end. There is a lot more information that is important for you to understand. As an example, as per AYUSH Delhi, there are few requirements for getting a manufacturing license for Ayurvedic medicines. Such as:

  • One needs to have a manufacturing unit of a minimum of 1200sqft that too in an industrial area. This requirement is for one category of the drug only. You need to add more space if you want to add more categories of drugs.
  • Requirements for office space are 100 sqft, finished medicines store is 150 sqft, the raw drug store is 150 sqft, laboratory 150 sqft, rejected drug store 100 sqft, and churn room is 200 sqft.
  • Your manufacturing units need to be certified by GMP.
  • One needs to have at least two pharmacists and two Ayurvedic experts.
  • It is mandatory to have all the packaging and manufacturing facilities or machinery.
  • Equipment and machinery requirements as per requirements and volume of drugs.
  • Keep in mind that drug inspectors will come at regular intervals to inspect your premises.
  • Some other paperwork like affidavits, ownership proof, partnership deep (if in case of a partnership), rent agreement document (If rented), technical documents, consent letter, and copies of degree or registrations.

So above are the mentioned things that you need to keep in mind to get a manufacturing license in India. In this blog, our firm tries to cover everything that will help you to obtain an Ayurvedic manufacturing license. We are sure that if you keep these points in your mind, then you will definitely get a manufacturing license for Ayurvedic medicines. The above-mentioned information is true and authentic. We hope that through this blog you get the information that you were looking for. If you are planning to enter the pharma industry and thinking to work with Ayurvedic products then now is the right time. If you want to have a highly rewarding & profitable business and willing to deal with best-in-class Ayurvedic & Herbal products then partner with Navayur Herbals. We are the best Ayurvedic PCD Pharma Franchise Company in India that is known to deliver high-quality Ayurvedic medicines and providing marvelous franchise services. Therefore, partner with us and enjoy a profitable and rewarding business.

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