Difference between Ayurvedic medicine and herbal treatment

Difference between Ayurvedic medicine and herbal treatment

The difference between Ayurvedic medicine and herbal treatmentAyurvedic medicine and herbal treatment is very important in our Indian culture. We are using this kind of medical treatment since very ancient times. These two are from the same tree but have two different branches. Difference between Ayurvedic medicine and herbal treatment are many because they both have different philosophical aspects.

Difference between Ayurvedic medicine and herbal treatmentAyurvedic medicines are generally formulated medicines which are formulated in the form of tablets and liquids by extracting from any plants and minerals, metals and stones which have certain properties which can help in curing some medical conditions. Ayurvedic medicines are a very important part of Indian culture and the first surgeon of the world respected Rishi Sushruta used Ayurvedic medicines for treating their patients. Whereas herbal treatment is done by phytomedicine. This medicine is generally extracted from the plant directly and it is used in its raw forms no formulations are required. This is the main Difference between Ayurvedic medicine and Herbal Treatment. Herbal treatments have no side effects and they can use as long as you want such as green tea which helps you to reduce your body weight.

Ayurvedic Medicine’s Philosophy 

Before understanding the Difference between Ayurvedic medicine and Herbal treatment you must have to understand the philosophy behind Ayurvedic medicine. Ayurvedic medicine can be formulated in the form of tablets and these tablets have plant-based constituents. By making it in the form of tablets its concentration can be increased which increases its effectiveness this medicine generally integrates with metal, stones, etc to increase therapeutic effects.

In Ayurveda, it was strongly believed if someone is suffering from any kind of medical problem then there is an imbalance of water, breath, and phlegm, and if these three “kapha” (phelgm), “pitha” (water) and “vaata” (air) are very well balanced in the body then you will not suffer any kind of medical problem.

Herbal Treatment’s Philosophy

You understand the basics of Ayurvedic medicine but if you want to understand the difference between Ayurvedic medicine and herbal treatment then you have to also understand the Herbal Treatment’s Philosophy. This treatment is done with the help of herbs or plants, which is why it is also known as herbology. This treatment uses the goodness of herbs and treats certain medical conditions for example we use Neem and neem has anti-inflammatory properties and anti-oxidant properties and these properties help us in dealing with the free radical which can damage our skin’s cells these free radicals are generally caused by the UV radiation of sun.

Turmeric is one of the very important herbs which is used in herbal treatment because this herb also has anti-inflammatory properties this herb is used by us for a very long time and the interesting part is nobody can patent on the active ingredients of this herb because we are using this since very long times and it became our tradition.

Difference between Ayurvedic Medicine and Herbal Treatment

These two are used in treating some medical condition or to prevent some medical conditions to happens for example black Barry’s seed powder is used by diabetic people because this help in preventing high sugar level which helps a person in maintaining their diabetic condition but Ayurvedic’s medicine are somehow proven scientific medicine and use to treat many health conditions. Sometimes our body lacks some minerals and these minerals can be balanced with the uses of Ayurvedic Medicine. These are some differences between Ayurvedic Medicine and herbal Treatment.

  1. Herbal Treatment is a long-term treat sometimes you can add to your daily routine such as Green tea, A piece of garlic, or Almond, Grams, etc whereas Ayurvedic medicine must be used if you have some serious medical condition such as fever, allergies, etc.
  2. Herbal Treatment takes time to show its effects whereas Ayurvedic medicine takes less time as compared to Herbal treatment.
  3. Herbal Treatment has no side effects whereas Ayurvedic medicine can show some.
  4. Herbal treatment is done by extracting natural goodness from the plants whereas Ayurvedic medicine is a concentrated form of natural goodness and it can also integrate with the metal or with some mineral salt.


Herbal treatment and Ayurvedic medicine is very important part of Indian culture and understanding the difference between them is very important because sometimes people think they both are the same but they are very different from each other. These two are used to treat health but if we talk about Ayurvedic medicines they can be used as medication mean if you have suffering from some disease you can use Ayurvedic medication as medication and can leave that medication after you get relief from that medical condition.

Whereas herbal treatment is used for maintaining the body condition so that you do not have to suffer from any serious medical condition for example turmeric in milk usually is used by people because it has antibacterial properties which will help you from any kind of bacterial infections.

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