Herbal Blood Purifier | Hemapura Syrup


Herbal Blood Purifier | Hemapura Syrup

Neem, Vabidang, Babool Chhal, Chirayta, Nagarmotha, Daruhald, Giloe, Pittpapra, Amla, Amla, Manjistha, Gokhru, Kutki, Khadir

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Herbal Blood Purifier – Hemapura Syrup is an ayurvedic and herbal blood purifier syrup. It is primarily used to keep the system of the human body clean and functioning. The syrup is suited for consumption for all body types and ages. The herbal syrup comes with other numerous benefits than just purifying the blood. The syrup medication helps in removing blood impurities, reduces skin issues such as pimples and acne, regulates blood circulation, and helps keep your skin healthy and glowy. The medication comes in the form of syrup and is highly recommended for people suffering from health issues due to blood impurities.


  • Treats Urticaria
  • Treat Dermatosis
  • Purifies Blood


Ingredients of Herbal Blood Purifier

The Hemapura syrup is composed of many herbal ingredients such as:

  • Neem: The ingredient is a natural herb extracted from the neem tree. The ingredient carries properties such as insecticidal and pesticidal. Neem provides health with many benefits such as diseases of the heart and blood vessels,  intestinal worms, killing the blood impurities, and much more.
  • Vabidang: The ingredient is widely used to treat rhinitis, headache, epilepsy, hemorrhage, and insomnia. In rare cases, it is also useful to treat fever and skin diseases.
  • Babool Chhal: The ingredient carries excellent healing properties and is widely used for skin diseases, burn injuries, and bleeding piles. It also helps in enriching the texture of the skin.
  • Chirayta: The ingredient is known as a herb that is primarily used for various reasons such as constipation, skin diseases, loss of appetite, fever, upset stomach, and much more.
  • Nagarmotha: The ingredient is extremely helpful to treat various health issues such as indigestion, obesity, and worm infection. It helps remove toxins from the blood and helps in digestion.
  • Daruhald: The ingredient is widely used as a bitter tonic, laxative, stomachic, antiseptic, diaphoretic, and antipyretic. It is very helpful for hemorrhoids and severe eye infections.
  • Giloe: The ingredient helps improve the immunity of your body. The herb is full of oxidants that help remove toxins from the body.
  • Pitpapra: It is an essential curative herb and is used in various conditions such as gastritis, fever, excessive thirst, diarrhea, and many more.
  • Amla: The ingredient helps improve the function of the immune and is a great source of vitamin C. It also helps in increasing liver growth.
  • Manjistha: The ingredient is most commonly used for the purification of blood. It also carries therapeutic properties like calcium channel blocking, anti-diabetic, and anti-stress.
  • Gokhru: The ingredient is widely used for the treatment of digestive tonics, fever, ulcers, puerperal diseases, and general debility.
  • Kutki: This ingredient helps in weight loss, prevents ulcers, promotes heart function, improves digestion, and regulates diabetes.
  • Khadir: The ingredient helps control the bloodings of the gum or in piles. It also helps in reducing the symptoms of digestive disorders. It carries properties of sita and kashaya.

Key Benefits of Herbal Blood Purifier

  • The syrup helps clear the toxins from the blood and purify it.
  • It also helps with clear digestion and indigestion.
  • The syrup works in keeping your stomach clear and well functioning.
  • The syrup promotes healthy and glowing skin.
  • It helps improves blood circulation and promotes your organs to function better.

Safety   Information

  • Read the instruction on the label or bottle of Hemapura syrup before using it.
  • Consume only the recommended dosage of the syrup.
  • Store the syrup medication in a cold and dry place away from sunlight.

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