Krishna Tulsi, Ram Tulsi

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Jeeva (Active Ras)– In our line of juices, Jeeva is a great medicinal ras that is as good in taste as it is for health. With ingredients like Krishna Tulsi and Ram Tulsi, it is a ras that will help you uplift your immune system and your overall health. These are some powerful ingredients that are essential for a person’s well being as these are the perfect supplements that have many uses and are a great help with improving the health in times of diseases. Therefore this is our customers’ favorite Ras.

Some Uses of Jeeva

There are many uses of Krishna Tulsi as well as of Ram Tulsi. Therefore, it has many medicinal properties and many health benefits. Hence you should take it as a daily process to better your immunity and overall health. Some of the detailed uses of Jeeva are:

  • It is used to treat bronchitis and asthma.
  • This is very helpful in fighting cold and cough.
  • It clears up chest congestions
  • It helps reduce allergic coughs.
  • Also, it has a big role in treating a sore throat along with flu and sinusitis.
  • It also helps with gastric problems like bloating or flatulence.
  • Jeeva also helps relieve you from various pains you could get from problems like arthritis.

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