Herbal Third Party Manufacturing Company

Quality herbal medicines and products are manufactured by Navayur Ayurveda. Our organization is well known Third Party Ayurvedic Manufacturer in India. With our vast manufacturing units we provide outsourcing services to our partners. From the very beginning we have set a goal to benefit both partners and company itself. We offer 3rd party manufacturing of Tablets, Capsules, Oils, Juices, Syrups, Drops, Churna and personal care ayurvedic products. Because of our flexible approach we are able to integrate perfectly into your supply chain.

Benefits of Opting Third Party Manufacturing Facility

Third Party Manufacturing provides you multiple benefits if you are starting your own pharma company. With the help of this you can save your time and money both. Partner with us and get the best manufacturing facilities. Many pharma companies approach us from top cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Chandigarh, Kolkata, Gujarat, Chennai etc.

  • Genuine supply of quality products – By opting 3rd party manufacturing you don’t have to consider the products processing if you are associates with the right company. You will get approved and validated process.
  • Minimum Investment – Your investment will be less as you don’t have to invest in the capital intensive facilities.
  • Through this flexible approach, we are able to integrate perfectly into your supply chain.
  • Relief from Manufacturing Facilities – Manufacturing requires lot of requirements, documents and facilities. The hindrance of manufacturing is eliminated and you can also improve net earnings and cash flow.
  • Focus on your Marketing – Associating with the third party manufacturing reduces your burdern and you can concentrate on your marketing strategies and sale.
  • Quality Products – You get quality assured products that are completely inspected by the team of experts.

  • Sophisticated Infrastructure At Navayur Ayurveda

    Our premises is well-equipped with splendid infrastructure, advanced machineries and modern equipments. The company also have laborotaries and chemical testing facilities to ensure that products are safe and free from any possible defects. The infrastructure and machines are according to the Schedule M. We have well developed and strong quality control and quality assurance systems. Our company believe in quality of products, cost effective production, timely delivery and the client relationship.

    Be the Strategic Partner of Ayurvedic Third Party Manufacturing Company - Navayur Ayurveda

    The company invites all the pharma companies who are looking for reliable ayurvedic third party manufacturers in India. With the help of our vast manufacturing unit, Navayur Ayurveda is capable to deliver the multiple products to its members. For the production of quality medicines we are using the high-quality raw materials. Our product range is result-oriented and effective. There are many reasons listed below to choose us:
  • Prompt delivery of all the manufacturing products.
  • We can provide the products in bulk quantity with ease.
  • Our herbal products are 100% tested free from side effects.
  • Supervision is there on at each level of processing.
  • Great profit return and less investment.
  • So, connect with us for reliable manufacturing services and get extensive range of ayurvedic products and medicines.